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Engineer assembling temperature probes.

Accuracy, Speed, Quality and Partnership are the qualities that make Photon Control the #1 global supplier of fiber optic measurement technologies in the Wafer Fabrication Equipment and Semiconductor related industries.

Our custom manufactured solutions produce value Beyond Measure for our customers.

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What We Do


We develop, design, and manufacture custom fiber optic temperature and position measuring subsystems used in the Global Wafer, OLED Fabrication Equipment and related industries. We offer:

  • Contact & Immersion Temperature Probes
  • Temperature Converters
  • Fiber Optic-based Wafer Position Sensors
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Our temperature sensing solutions utilize proprietary fiber optic sensing technology. We offer competitive solutions for our customers where accuracy, speed, and quality are critical to their business.

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The Semiconductor industry mandates precise quality and uniform control over temperature and wafer handling. Our solutions are integrated into Wafer and OLED fabrication equipment in these specialties:

  • Temperature measurement in RF plasma enhanced etch
    During wafer fabrication in dielectric etch, temperatures within the electrostatic chuck are carefully maintained and monitored for complete stability.
  • Positioning sensing of wafer handling in all semiconductor processes
    At any step during wafer fabrication, high-accuracy position sensors are critical for wafer handling to and from the fab equipment.
  • Flat Panel Display
    Etch and Deposition in OLED manufacturing process applications rely on fiber optic temperature sensors for precise process control in high RF (radio frequency) environments.
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We deliver value added solutions providing an edge over our competitors in these areas:

  • High accuracy
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Radio Frequency (RF) immunity
  • Rapid New Product Introduction
  • Customized “plug and play” solutions
  • Exceptional reliability
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Photon’s quality and response speed are what sets them apart from other sensor suppliers.

VP Engineering, Confidential Client