Photon Control brings over 20 years of experience in fiber optic sensors to our customers’ unique challenges.  Our world-class team of engineers specialize in the disciplines required to tackle the toughest measurement problems – optics, mechanics, electronics, and materials science.  By working with Photon Control, our customers experience many advantages in both the development phase, working with our engineering team and in the production phase.

Product performance

Our fiber optic sensors give world class performance in terms of accuracy, probe-to-probe matching, long term stability, and reliability, and are immune to harsh environments found in many semiconductor processes

Proven in high volume semiconductor manufacturing

There are >100,000 of our fiber optic sensors in semiconductor fabs around the world

Flexible and experienced development partner

Working closely with customers to deliver custom products is in our DNA. We have wealth of experience to draw upon when tackling new challenge

“All under one roof”

Integrated engineering, manufacturing, and customer support teams maximize efficiency and optimize the customer experience

World class manufacturing

We have the capacity and quality to support the world’s largest semiconductor equipment suppliers in high volume production with 13,000 sq.ft, of manufacturing space, a 1854 sq. ft. ISO class 6 clean-room, and ISO 9001:2015 certification

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