The Semiconductor industry mandates the highest level of control over quality and uniformity temperature and wafer handling. Our solutions are integrated into Wafer and OLED fabrication equipment in these specialties:

Temperature Measurement in RF Plasma Etch

Photon Control’s high-accuracy fiber optic temperature sensors have been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor process control applications. Photon Control offers fast-response custom OEM solutions for both contact and non-invasive optical temperature sensing for dielectric and conductor etch applications. Fiber optic temperature sensors are embedded in multiple zones of the electrostatic chuck to allow maximum control and thermal uniformity.

Wafer Handling in all Semiconductor Processes

During wafer fabrication, high-accuracy fiber optic position sensors are critical for precise wafer monitoring to and from the fab equipment. Fast-response monitoring for wafer handling is our standard.

Fiber Optic Sensors in OLED Manufacturing Equipment

Etch and Deposition in OLED manufacturing process applications rely on fiber optic temperature sensors for precise process control in high RF (radio frequency) environments. Much like temperature sensing for etch and deposition in Semiconductor applications, the sensor technology is embedded within the process tools. These sensors provide outputs for high accuracy, fast response temperature data and position location for tight process control.

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